Aria Templates 1.3.3

During the last sprint of 2012 we released a new version of Aria Templates, 1.3.3 with the following :

  • Performance enhancements for Flow Controllers and Interceptors

    There has been a refactoring of Interceptors, specifically in relation to Flow Controllers which has greatly improved performances for all browsers and most notably for IE. Pull request #270.

  • Enhancement of the TextInput widget of the html library

    The following features have been added to the html TextInput widget:

    • Possibility to set the type “password” on it (by setting property “password” of the widget configuration to true) (GH pull request #265).
    • Possibility to call $focus providing an id. (GH pull requests #267 and #268)
    • Introducing the autoselect feature. (GH pull requests #272)
    • Introducing cross browser support for placeholder attribute. (GH pull request #288)

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