Aria Templates 1.3.5

Another sprint ended, among with some fixes we’re adding the following features in Aria Templates 1.3.5

  • Bindable width and height for containers

    A possibility to bind width and height for some of container-based widgets (Div, Dialog, Fieldset, TabPanel) has been added. The bound size is a subject to min/max size constraints for all of those widgets.
    This change lifts the requirement for widgets to have width/height = -1 for min/max width/height to work. So this is backward-incompatible change in some way, but the behavior of width & maxwidth etc. when provided together was undefined earlier, so it should not have relied upon by anyone. Pull request #347

  • Maximizable Dialog

    Dialog can be now maximizable. If configured so, it will have a button to maximize/unmaximize next to the close button. It also reacts to the change of the data model property `maximized`. That property takes precedence over `center`, `xpos`, `ypos`, `width`, `height` changes (if you want to change those properties, you should first unmaximize the Dialog); moreover, `maxHeight` and `maxWidth` are ignored when the Dialog is in the maximized mode.
    When Dialog gets maximized, the scrollbars of the page are removed, the Dialog occupies the whole viewport and is not movable/resizable. After unmaximizing, it returns to the original position, size and restores movable/resizable capabilities. Pull request #358

  • $description is no longer mandatory in bean definitions

    This change allows to improve the package size by removing the descriptions in bean definitions as part of the build process. Nevertheless, the use of these descriptions is still encouraged for documentation purposes. Pull request #342. Being now optional it’s also possible to remove the descriptions from the production packaged version, pull request #330

  • Add a custom image to Iconbutton widget

    This feature allows users to define their own image path for IconButton/Icon widgets. Pull request #324

  • Orientation change detection

    Add a utility class to detect orientation change events and register callbacks to such events. Pull request #351

  • Animation/Transition Event callbacks

    Allow to register to animation and transition events from a template through on statement. Pull request #350

  • Detecting Mobile Device Properties

    Utility class to detect some properties of mobile devices like being a tablet or mobile, the support of 2D and 3D transforms or whether the application is running inside PhoneGap. Pull request #292

  • Testing improvements

    Thanks to #339 and #337 it’s now possible to run Robot tests inside PhantomJs and configure the number of PhantomJs instances used by attester.

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