Aria Templates 1.4.4

Unlike Spring that we are still waiting for in south of France, a new release of Aria Templates has landed into the repository.

These are the changes introduced between 1.4.3 and 1.4.4

  • Double slider widget

    Add a DoubleSlider widget to the touch widget library. This widget has two independently movale thumbs. Close #489

    See #489

  • Easy loading of templates in iframe

    Provide a simple and reliable interface to load and test a template inside an iframe. This also attempts at deprecating the usage of iframeLoaderOs, see #435 Close #471

    See #471

  • Enhancements in DomElementWrapper
    1. Added support for WAI ARIA (`aria-*`) attributes in `getAttribute`
    2. Added support for custom `data-*` attributes in `getAttribute` (previously they could have been retrieved only with `getData`)
    3. Added support for expandos with multiple dashes (`data-foo-bar`) in `getData`/`getAttribute`
    4. Added `setAttribute` Close #486

    See #486

As usual, we also pushed some bugs fixing, just head over to the milestone report on Github

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