Aria Templates 1.4.5

These are the changes introduced between 1.4.4 and 1.4.5

  • Addition of beforePageTransition event

    See #518

  • Addition of storage settings in the page engine site configuration

    Navigation managers used both for hash and for history-based navigations in the page engine rely on local storage browser capabilities to store the associations between urls and pageId’s. The saved data is needed in order to identify the right page after hard page reload or when hitting back after an external navigation. Before this code change, the storage could not be configured. Now it can be deactivated, provided with a specific suffix for local storage key and with an expiration delay for its entries.

    See #518

  • Improvement of page engine tests

    Tests for the PageEngine class are no longer template tests.

    See #518

  • Page engine – document title is set also in hash-based navigation

    When “navigation” is set to “hash” in the site configuration, the title of the page (specified in the page definition) is used to change the title of the document. This was previously done only in history-based navigation

    See #518

  • Improving BasePageProvider to make inheritance simpler

    Two methods have been added to class aria.pageEngine.pageProviders.BasePageProvider: processSiteConfig and processPageDefinition. They are called, respectively, before sending the site configuration and page definitions back to the page engine. This makes it possible to extend the BasePageProvider class by only implementing those two methods.

    See #518

  • Allow animation type in page engine

    See #518

  • Addition of tests on movable dialogs

    See #515

  • The maxlength is now managed for the textarea with the old browsers

    See #511

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