Aria Templates 1.4.7

We’re happy to inform that Aria Templates 1.4.7 has been released. Here are the key highlights:

    • Bindable disabled attribute

      This commit introduces the possibility to bind the disabled attribute of all input-based html widgets as well as the select html widget.
      See #618

    • HTML select widget

      The select widget has 3 properties: – a list of ‘options’ to populate the select element The user can bind to his data model: – ‘selectedIndex’ – ‘value’.
      See #574

    • Added HTTP methods for WebDAV support

      All HTTP method specified by WebDAV can be used without errors, including bind extensions.
      See #602

    • Adding a label.color state property.

      The color of the label of most input widgets can now be defined as a skin property, depending on the state of the widget. In the atskin skin, the label of text input widgets and of the select widget now show the disabled state with a different color than the normal state. Moreover, the appearance of the MultiSelect (especially for the focused state) is now more consistent with other text input widgets.
      See #599

If you want to see the the full list of changes, you can have a look at the list of commits on GitHub.

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