Aria Templates 1.4.9

We’re happy to inform that Aria Templates 1.4.9 has been released. Here are the key highlights:

  • Event handlers for click and focus for TextInput-based widgets

    It is now possible to define onfocus and onclick listeners in the configuration of all aria widgets that are based on the TextInput (TextField, NumberField, DateField, TimeField, PasswordField, Autocomplete, SelectBox, MultiSelect, DatePicker)..
    See #652

  • Support for the Hebrew language

    This commit adds resource files for the Hebrew language. Additionally, as in Hebrew using substring to produce the short day name from the full day name does not work (because all days start with the same letters), this commit adds the ability to define a custom short name for days and months. If there is no custom short name in a resource file, the default mechanism with substring is used.
    See #681

Deprecated features

The following features are now deprecated but still supported.

  • The locales ko_KO, cn_CN, tw_TW, sp_AR are deprecated in favor of standards-compliant ko_KR, zh_CN, tw_CN, ar_SA. Please update your AppEnvironment calls if you used any of those deprecated locales (Korean, Chinese, Arabic)
  • The usage of the section statement as a container ({section "mySectionId"}...{/section}) will be deprecated in the next release of Aria Templates. We suggest that you should immediately migrate to the consolidated syntax ({section {id : "mySectionId", macro : "macroName"}/}).

If you want to see the the full list of changes, you can have a look at the list of commits on GitHub.

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