Aria Templates 1.4.11

We’re happy to inform you that Aria Templates 1.4.11 has been released.

Here are the key highlights:

  • Animations improvements

    New easing functions were added for animations (ease-in-out, ease-out, ease-in), and it is now easier to provide your own custom function. For more information see the animations guide page.
    See #747

  • New configuration options in the @touch:Popup (previously called @touch:Dialog) widget

    A new referenceId property, and new bottom and right options for the absolutePosition property were added.
    See #718 and #720

  • Custom padding for the pad modifier

    Now the pad modifier accepts a third parameter which is the padding string. By default it’s a space if not provided.
    See #714

  • Sliders improvements

    See #713

Deprecated features

The following feature is now deprecated but still supported:

  • The @touch:Dialog widget

    Please use the @touch:Popup widget instead of the @touch:Dialog one. It was renamed to better describe the feature provided by the widget, as there is no included border, as one might expect with a dialog widget. In the @touch:Popup widget, the old isVisible property was renamed, and is now simply called visible (you can check the API documentation here).

If you want to see the the full list of changes, you can have a look at the list of commits on GitHub.

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