Plugins for Aria Templates

Still looking for a carousel widget for your Aria Templates application? There’s now a plugin for that!

What’s a plugin?

Basically, it’s a piece of code that developers can share and integrate easily in their applications. It can be a single widget, a utility class, a full widget library or anything else.

By nature, a plugin is owned and maintained by its author(s), not by the AT team. To help usage and encourage contributions, it should be documented, demoed and tested. By the way, it also needs to be public and open-source (e.g. in GitHub) to be shared.

The AT team provides repository where accepted plugins are listed:

 Create your own plugin

There’s a plugin for that too! Well, there’s in fact a sample of a plugin with documentation about how to use, create and register a plugin:

For more samples, have a look the ones created by the team:


Happy plugin creation and integration!

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