Aria Templates 1.5.4 available

If you’ve been waiting impatiently for a new release of AT, here it is!

1.5.4 is a very lightweight release. The only new feature is something for testing aficionados: we’ve added a possibility to easily inject CSS of the iframe under test in TemplateTestCase.

Apart from that, we’ve fixed a couple of problems with:

– MultiAutoComplete
– MultiSelect
– SelectBox
– Text widget
– loading indicator
– widget vertical align property
– atskin

The other change we’ve silently introduced lately that could be useful is that now the npm package contains also the built & minified version of AT, so that if you depend on ariatemplates@>=1.5.3 in package.json, you can now serve minified AT from your node_modules/ariatemplates/build/target/production folder.

This was the last release from 1.5.x series. Get ready for CommonJS module loader in 1.6.1!


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