Firefox 30, Firebug 2 and Aria Templates compatibility

Yesterday a new version of Firefox was released (30), as well as a new major version of the Firebug (2.0) which comes with a lot of new features, fixes and performance improvements. 

Firebug 2.0 uses a new JavaScript debugging engine behind the scenes which made those improvements possible.

However if you’re Aria Templates developer, you might have noticed your application won’t load after an update if Firebug’s Script panel is enabled. This is a known platform bug in Firefox that was fixed too late in the development cycle to land into Firefox 30. The bug is listed in the release notes for Firefox 30 as a known issue, and will be fixed in Firefox 31.

What can you do about it?

  • continue using Firebug 1.2.x on Firefox 30 (disable auto-update of add-ons)
  • use beta (31) / aurora (32) / nightly (33) channel of Firefox, to get all the new features and fixes instantly, and then use Firebug 2.


2 responses on “Firefox 30, Firebug 2 and Aria Templates compatibility

  1. Patrick Team Member
    on 21 June 2014, 11:19 am

    Seems like Firebug 2.0.1 already provides a workaround until Firefox 31 is released:

    Work around incorrect behavior of eval with Script panel enabled

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