Fiddler rules for Aria Templates developers

Aria Templates Fiddler rules

Aria Templates Fiddler rules

Proper tooling is essential for development process. We’re pleased to opensource Fiddler rules file for Aria Templates users to facilitate debugging of AT applications.

Fiddler is an extendable web debugging proxy. It can be used for a whole array of usage scenarios involving inspecting and redirecting web traffic.

Our CustomRules file adds some options to Fiddler to make it very easy to perform certain kinds of operations you might want to do with your to Aria Templates installation, like:

  • temporarily use a different version of Aria Templates than the one deployed on server – without the need to redeploy on production server (e.g. use an old version for regression investigation, use a newer version to study forward compatibility of the application)
  • temporarily use debugging-friendly source files instead of unreadable minified files
  • enable AT debug mode to get more informative error messages

The redirections use Aria Templates CDN for fetching appropriate files, so you don’t have to deploy anything anywhere. Just select some options from a handy menu and you’re ready to go.

If you’re interested (you should be!), head to the dedicated GitHub repo to read more!


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