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Aria Templates 1.4.17

This release brings a number of new features: – MultiAutoComplete navigation – MultiAutoComplete: Highlighted mode interactions – Added color animations and show/hide features, relative sizes and anim control (skip/pause/resume) And some bug fixes. Go to our GitHub repo if you want to see the full changelog.

Aria Templates 1.4.16

This release brings a number of new features and bug fixes: – possibility to process urls found in CSS Templates – more flexibility in displaying error tooltips in TextInput-based widgets – enhancement of the resources handler for aria:MultiAutoComplete widget Go to our GitHub repo if you want to see the full changelog.

Accessing MacroLibraryScript functions from your TemplateScript

Context This is something that is definitely part of Aria Templates tips & tricks. This feature has always been available since we delivered Macro Libraries, which means it’s available from quite a while. But surprisingly, it’s something you don’t think you can use in the first place. Let’s assume you have a Template file that …

Using timezonejs in an Aria Templates application

Introduction Playing with timezone in javascript can be problematic not because of the timezone offset calculation, which can easily be done with the getTimezoneOffset method of a date object, but because of the DST (daylight saving time) policy of the local countries/states. Let’s take New York and Paris as an example. The official timezones for …

Aria Templates 1.3.1

Aria Templates 1.3.1 is finally available for the community. As usual you can get if from github 1.3.1, our website or npm. Few words on our release process and versioning first. We usually release a stable version every 3 weeks. Each of this versions comes with new features and bugfixes. Version number is compatible with …

Save the date – Antibes DrinkUp

We’ve all worked hard toward the goal of making Aria Templates Open Source and it’s finally time to celebrate. Join us for a drink in Antibes @ The Hop Store When Friday, June 29th at 9pm Where The Hop Store in Antibes. Why Because we want to have fun with you! See you there

Debugging the mobile web, iPhone and iPad apps from your desktop

This article aims to demonstrate how to debug an Aria Templates web application being browsed from an iPhone, iPad, or another touch enabled device whilst using your desktop computer with a remote web inspector called “Weinre”. Weinre? Weinre was created by Patrick Mueller of IBM back in 2010 as a prototype web inspector and is …