Get involved

Contribute to Aria Templates

Go to Github

The source code is hosted at Github. Just fork the repository and you are ready to contribute to aria templates.

Share your work, open a Pull Request

Please keep in mind that you have to follow some guidelines provided here.
Be also sure to add or extend tests for your bug fix, your new feature or enhancement.

No freaking idea of what a Pull Request is? Github Help pages are your friend!

Applying Code Standards

If you want to contribute to the development of the aria templates framework pushing code to our Github repository, you need to know and follow some rules that we have. These rules allow you to write more readable, documented and usable code and to reduce the number of errors.

To ensure consistency throughout the source code, please read and keep these rules in mind as you are working.

Bug spotted? Open an issue

Even if you do not plan to push back some code, please let the community know as soon as you find a bug in aria templates.

To file a bug, it's super easy. Just go to the issue tracker and create a new issue.
Keep in mind that an ideal bug report should contains a clear description of what is going wrong, and at least a few words about your expected behavior.
A supplementary test case would be perfect!