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Useful stuff: Git - jakub-g - 15 November 2013 13:33

Let's put useful tools, blog articles etc. regarding Git here.

I'll start with
Basically a gitk-like thing with a nicer UI. Freeware, Windows 7+ required.
[Image: sourcetree_hero_win_full_interface_windows.png]

RE: Useful stuff: Git - benoit.charbonnier - 21 November 2013 14:23

all crafted by Altassian, the guys behind Stash / Bitbucket / Jira / Confluence (BTW all rockstar/killer apps !)

RE: Useful stuff: Git - Olaf - 18 February 2014 11:02

A little trick I learned yesterday is a functionality called sparse checkout that allow to only partially retrieve a Git repo. I needed to do that to only get the guides from our documentation-code repo to, leaving the snippets and samples aside.

It's nicely explained here:

RE: Useful stuff: Git - jakub-g - 18 February 2014 16:00

Cool, thx for sharing Olaf!

Another related trick is shallow clone: `git clone --depth 1`

This will not fetch all the history since the beginning of the time (in case you wanted to clone a Linux kernel or sth like that), but just the last N commits (N being the depth here).

RE: Useful stuff: Git - jakub-g - 10 March 2014 13:42

Two new things I've learnt lately:

- Git 1.9.0 for Windows is out. Among other features and fixes, it adds "@" to be an alias for "HEAD" to save some characters when typing things in command line.

- git describe <commit> can tell you where the certain commit is located in history with respect to the tags.

$ git describe HEAD
v1.4.16-16-g5ac3b86 # HEAD is "5ac3b86" and it is 16 commits after v1.4.16

$ git describe 5c6d
v1.4.12-10-g5c6d68c # 5c6d is 10 commits after v1.4.12

It's useful to infer in which release certain commit was included, i.e. the number reported + 1 (you can check it on Github, but this doesn't require you to go to the browser).