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[CLOSED]Form Submission Using Aria Templates - abhishek.ranjan - 14 May 2013 06:52


I am trying to submit an aria template form <,the submission is done to a Spring MVC controller/servlet.

The form is getting submitted all right but i am not able to get the values of the aria elements like date picker,text box etc in the Spring controller.
`Request.getParameter` is of no use.

Any Help will be appreciated.

RE: Form Submission Using Aria Templates - susanta.behera - 14 May 2013 13:41

AT framework(MVC) makes sure a clear separation of view and creates customized code to achieve it(for example think about a TextField widget which is equivalent to input box in standard HTML). In fact AT is not the standard HTML we create and map in Struts and Spring(recall my first point, AT makes sure a clear separation of view), instead it always relies on binding with an object(JSON) which can be passed with all data to back-end for further processing. I will say HTML forms with AT are incompatible.