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Downloadable samples - luciano.rubio - 7 April 2014 15:21


It seems that AT guides are downloadable in tarballs, however samples aren't. I'd find very helpful if I could download all samples at once!

At the moment I have to manually copy code samples from, file by file.

I could not find them in github (the triplet html + tpl + js). Are they stored somewhere else?


RE: Downloadable samples - jakub-g - 7 April 2014 15:37

Nope they're not stored in Github in unzipped form as far as I know.

Actually I'd love if the guides were inside dedicated git repos (one repo per one guide; inside separate GH organisation, like aria-templates-demos), so they're easy to fork & improve, and start from the shell with one command, without a need to also separately download ariatemplates, put it in the proper place etc.

It's definitely something to improve!

RE: Downloadable samples - luciano.rubio - 7 April 2014 15:51

Thanks for your quick response! Indeed, I suppose many developers aren't only interested in seeing the samples, but downloading and modifying them.

As a beginner I found very confusing that the HTML file which calls Aria.loadTemplate was missing in all samples. It may seem obvious but I think that having a 'helloworld' example running in seconds is key (and motivational) for new developers.

Right now you would need to copy paste each file, and figure out how the html file should be written, which may take a few minutes. On the other hand, guides are great, since you can have them up&running very quickly thanks to the zip file.

Thank you again!

RE: Downloadable samples - luciano.rubio - 8 April 2014 17:25

Hi again,

I found all samples in the GitHub repository
This is exactly what I needed.