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[CLOSED]Test-driven development - meltuhamy - 22 May 2013 09:10


From what I understand, Aria Templates itself is unit tested and allows you to create unit tested apps. However, I found the documentation a bit fragmented and kind of not complete when it comes to test driven development.

In particular, how do I:
  • Set up a directory structure that is suitable for testing
  • Set up the required configuration - with mocha - to write tests
  • Set up that configuration with Karma (/testacular)
  • If it is possible to write end-to-end tests to test the ui

RE: Test-driven development - fabio.crisci - 23 May 2013 14:27


indeed the framework is highly tested with both unit tests and kind of end to end tests.

We're still working on providing a centralized place for documentation, but the location is

As of today it only contains information on how to write unit tests with AT classes.

If you plan to write mocha tests and use Karma you can find some good documentation on google, and maybe you can have a look at these wiki
It has a couple of examples of tests written for mocha.

Testing the UI can be done with template tests and/or robot tests. You can ave a look at the tests inside the framework and the apidoc, the complete documentation is coming soon.