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Binding for widget visibility - zvds - 14 August 2014 11:04

I have a widget:
{@aria:Icon {icon: "std:warning” }/}

I want to manage its visibility (visible or not) in javascript, depending on value of some variable. What type of binding i should use? Or i can’t do this with binding and I should use css properties of this widget by its id (set “display: none;”)?

And I have general question about visibility of different widgets – how to manage visibility of widgets with javascript in general to create some interactive application on browser side (widgets: div, icon, fieldset, form elements ).

RE: Binding for widget visibility - Olaf - 19 August 2014 08:55

Hi there,
the visibility of widgets an, in general, of parts of an AT app is managed by using conditional statements in a section bound to an element of the data model, not so much by hiding/displaying using CSS. However, you could do so by surrounding the widget with a div or a span if you really want to go this way.