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[OPEN]Unable to get nextsibling - hussain - 4 June 2013 11:37

I am trying to nextSibling for the element here is my code
        //this function will call on click of some element
        myFunction: function(evt){
            var element =;
            var sibling = aria.utils.Dom.getNextSiblingElement(element); //getting sibling as undefined
            //want to do some more stuff with sibling
When I tried using core javascript I am able to get the nextsibling
        myFunction: function(evt){
            var element =;
            var eem = document.getElementById(this.$getId('testme')); //testme is ID of target element
            var sb = eem.nextSibling; //getting newline as textnode so getting next sibling to it
            if(sb) sb = sb.nextSibling;

My observation as of this code is that which I am getting is AT DOM Object and while nextSibling is expecting Js Object.

Could you please look into this and get it solve