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XDR - CrossDomain request - dan - 2 December 2014 23:59


i make server to server request and get html with aria code
i put the html i receive on my jsp page

but when the browser try to show the page the aria code wont working because XDR - CrossDomain my jsp page domain is not the same domain like the html i got from the first server the server request

there is a way to handel this situation and make it work?

thanks in advance

RE: XDR - CrossDomain request - jakub-g - 3 December 2014 11:34

Hi @dan,
We'll need some more technical details to help you... Your post is pretty vague right now.

RE: XDR - CrossDomain request - Olaf - 3 December 2014 14:25

Hi Dan,

Ajax requests work only between trusted domains indeed. If you try to fetch data from another domain (and the notion of "domain" doesn't stop at domain name), chances are it will fail.

To work around that, you have different options, the two main ones being:
1. If you own the server from which you get the HTML, set it up to accept CORS requests. This needs to be done at server level based on headers, check Google for the details.
2. Use JSONP requests (see for the AT implementation for instance.)

Hope it helps.