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RE: simple dialog feature - Marc Laval - 13 September 2013 12:29

In that case, we should rename the touch:Dialog widget to touch:Overlay.
In term of functionality, it is true that the new widget is indeed an overlay.

If we do so, what do you think of the new properties I suggested ?

RE: simple dialog feature - jakub-g - 13 September 2013 12:49

(12 September 2013 13:22)Marc Laval Wrote:  - instead of creating 'fullScreenAxis', we could change 'maximized' to support 4 values: false, true, "x-axis", "y-axis"

I agree (I guess those will apply only to @touch:Dialog, right?)

(12 September 2013 13:22)Marc Laval Wrote:  - for what I called 'position', I see 2 solutions:
1) Modify aria.utils.DomBeans:Position to add right and bottom, which could the be used in the widget via 'absolutePosition'. But it seems complex as there are many impacts in the full framework.
2) Create one new 'origin' property with default value "topleft", other possible values: "topright", "bottomright", "bottomleft"

In there's already something like this, but I'm not sure if it works well enough, as I haven't tested:

"preferredPositions" : {
                    $type : "json:Array",
                    $description : "Array of positions such as 'bottom right' to describe the relative position of the popup with its reference.",
                    $contentType : {
                        $type : "PreferredPosition",
                        $mandatory : true,
                        $description : "A preferred position. The order indicates the order of preference."
                    $default : [{}]


        "PreferredPosition" : {
            $type : "json:Object",
            $description : "Couple of anchors describing the positionning between the popup and the reference.",
            $properties : {
                "reference" : {
                    $type : "json:String",
                    $description : "Anchor of the reference to use for this position setting",
                    $default : "bottom right"
                "popup" : {
                    $type : "json:String",
                    $description : "Anchor of the reference to use for this position setting",
                    $default : "top left"
                "offset" : {
                    $type : "OffsetConfig",
                    $description : "Offset to apply for this position"

Sadly there's almost no documentation for @touch and @html on, and for @touch:Dialog there are not so many tests, only those:

It looks like lots of the options passed here are not tested anywhere... I think it'll be good to put some more template tests in place regarding this widget.

RE: simple dialog feature - Marc Laval - 16 September 2013 14:17

As agreed:
- the touch:Dialog widget will be renamed to touch:Popup. Usual deprecation policy will apply.
- the existing 'absolutePosition' in aria.popups.Popup will be enhanced to support left, right, top and bottom.