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[CLOSED]Bug in website - mth.vidal - 4 September 2013 07:12


it seems there is a bug in some of the website pages which link to the API pages. For instance if you go there:

and click the "classDefintion configuration Json object" at the bottom of the page, you can never reach again the website by pressing the back button of the browser.

Kind regards,

RE: Bug in website - susanta.behera - 4 September 2013 08:15

Thank you for reporting!
Its Confirmed in chrome and IE10, but works fine in FF latest. Need to investigate.

RE: Bug in website - jakub-g - 12 September 2013 10:49

The mentioned link is

The issue is because of double # in the URL (checked in Chrome). To be fixed.

Edit: I've fixed that some time ago already.