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Author Page engine training - html events not triggered on chrome and firefox

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Default  24 December 2014 03:10

I am trying to follow the training for the page engine (on my own).

I am facing the following issue : when running my lag on FF (34.0.5) or Chrome (39.0.2171.95 m), some elements do not react to html events (while it is fine in IE 9.0.34).

I tried to get down to a minimal example, which in the end does NOT involve aria templates at all :

        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />
        <title>Page Engine training</title>
            body {
                padding: 0px;
                margin: 0px;

           .page {
               top: 0px;
               left: 0px;
               position: absolute;
               width: 100%;
               min-height: 100%;
               border: 0;
            .menu-item {
                background-color: #00F500;
                z-index: 1000;

        <div> test </div>
        <div class="menu-item" onclick="this.innerHTML=Date()"> test </div>
        <div id="exercise-container" class="page"></div>


The onclick event never occurs.

When I remove the class "page" from the div "exercise-container", the onclick event works as expected.

I am reporting this because the style section and "exercise-container" div definition I copy-pasted from the training material / examples, so I expect other trainees may be affected too.

As far as the training is concerned, I could not get the 'navigation' exercise to work because of this (the menu I created in the footer section of the page never reacted to any events)


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26 December 2014 05:45
I think I found the real cause : the containerId in site.json did not match "exercise-container". After fixing this, I could add the page class again and events resumed working in my page defined using the page engine (I expect this would have no effect in the dummy example I posted involving only a few divs)
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