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Default  2 September 2013 10:53
Hello AT team,

I will soon use AT for the new UI project in Amadeus. I discovered the AT site today and would like to give my feedback.

First, congratulation for the awesome work you did, AT seems very promising and already provides an incredibly number of very useful features. The documentation is very good and allow any developer to be familiar with the techno quite quickly. This is the way to go to create a successfull open source tech, well done.

But there is for me a big problem which is right now stoping you from spreading AT: The online demos sucks... Seriously, they are really crap Sad.

As a developer, this is one of the first thing I check. I don't even start to read the doc and discover all the feature if I don't like the online demo. We want to build awesome web app and if the demo is showing something nice and powerfull, we know we'll be able to achieve our goal (at least we believe). For instance, I started to use Symfony because of their 2 minutes Drag and drop video 6 years ago: I was totally amazed how simple it was and believed the other features would be as great as this one.

And why are you calling it "Guides", took me a bit before finding it Sad. I think you should put a big link on the main page : "Try our live demos!"

Anyway, thank you for your work and long live to AT.
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Default  2 September 2013 12:09
Thank you for your feedback mth.vidal!

We had started this forum to collect feedback from different sets of users and to lend a helping hand during initial phase.

We are working hard to make the supporting documents as appealing as possible to a new user. We in AT, believe that genuine feedback form a new user is always helpful for our team to make the documentation/demos/guides etc. more meaningful and easier.

I request you to spend some more time on the samples/supporting documents provided (We are still working to move many more samples to Might be you can expect a better set of samples in a month or so) and add some more suggestions to improve our "online demos", so that next time when a new user will visit he/she will find it more helpful Smile.

FYI..we have noted down your points mentioned in this thread.

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2 September 2013 13:02
Salut Mathieu and welcome to AT!

You're right about our lack of "sexy" samples or simply appealing documentation. This is a feedback we get quite often and that we'll try to address in the coming months.

As Susant' explained, we're including more and more samples to the site but still haven't got the time to come up with a nice "Getting Started".

If you have specific things you'd like to see illustrated or ideas for such samples, please let us know!

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Default  2 September 2013 13:33
Well for instance,

the excel sample is great for me, but you should enhance it with dynamic column size, paging, new spreadsheet creation, sorting and other cool features. But most important, make it sexy as good as the website.

I like for instance.
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