This utility allows to animate an element on a set of CSS properties. Users can define one or several queues of animations in order to build complex scenarios, register callbacks to some animation events and use different pre-defined or custom easing functions. Other features are also shown in this document.

The simple way to launch an animation is as follows

Animation Sample Usage

Notable features

Multiple concurrent animations

Several properties at a time can be animated, as shown below

Units translation

It is possible to use different CSS units


Aria Template utility allows to queue animations in two ways. The queue configuration property can be set to true in order to use the global queue. In the second case, it is possible to provide a queue id in order to add an animation to a specific queue (and perhaps to execute several simultaneous queue and implement complex scenarios).


User callbacks are fired when the four events handled occur:

  • onStartAnimation: fired before an animation starts
  • onEndAnimation: fired after an animation ends
  • onStartQueue: fired before a queue starts
  • onEndQueue: fired after a queue ends

HTMLElement properties animation

Not only the HTMLElement style properties can be animated: also scrollTop, scrollLeft and other custom properties.

Easing functions

This utility provides four different easing functions:

  • linear: mantains the same speed from start to end
  • ease-in-out: animation with slow start and slow end
  • ease-out: animation with slow start
  • ease-in: animation with slow end

Furthermore, you can also provide Aria Templates with your custom function that has to be: y = f(x), where x represent the time and y is the progress of the animation.

Complex scenarios

By exploiting the described features, it is possible to build complex scenarios like the following.

Animable style properties

The animable style properties are the following:

  • borderSpacing
  • bottom
  • fontSize
  • height
  • left
  • letterSpacing
  • lineHeight
  • margin
  • marginBottom
  • marginLeft
  • marginRight
  • marginTop
  • outlineWidth
  • padding
  • paddingBottom
  • paddingLeft
  • paddingRight
  • paddingTop
  • maxHeight
  • minHeight
  • minWidth
  • right
  • textIndent
  • scrollLeft
  • scrollTop
  • top
  • width
  • wordSpacing

see them live in this dedicated sample