TimeField widget enables the creation of time input fields targeted at time formatted input, packed with specific formatting facilities to handle diverse time formats, as required by the locale and/or the application needs.

The whole list of configuration parameters is available in TimeFieldCfg bean.

Formatting patterns

A formatting pattern is a sequence of the following, a subset from the Java specs

  • Separators: \;,.-/: and space
  • L Letters: H h m s

    The difference between H and h is that the first is 0-24 while the latter 1-12 (am/pm).

Default patterns

Some time patterns are defined at application level. There are currently two default formats:

  • shortFormat (hh:mm)
  • fullFormat (HH:mm:ss)

These formats can be accessed through aria.core.AppEnvironment.getTimeFormats().shortFormat|longFormat

Indeed, default time patterns at the application level can be overridden and/or extended as you need:

Please keep in mind that "setEnvironment" will override all settings, use "updateEnvironment" to update one property.

Sample usage

The following sample shows how to create and use a TextField widget, packed with number format patterns. In order to fetch the entered value, variable binding is to be considered as the preferred solution. Please refer to the textfield widget for more informations.