Aria Templates gives you the possibilty to enrich your application with widgets that handle user interaction and organize the content in a fast and convenient way.

In an MVC structure, Widgets belongs to the View as they can be bound to the data model to display relevant information to the user.

Widgets' complexity varies greatly as they can be as simple as a standard html tag or more complex including sub-templates and a module controller.

Aria Templates comes already with two widgets libraries that can be included seamlessly in your templates.

  • Aria Templates Widgets Collection. A comprehensive collection of widgets with a rich set of features.
  • HTML Widgets Library. Simple library in terms of markup, but still providing easy bindings and event listeners. You can use it as the building blocks for your html5 or mobile application.

Given the nature of Aria Templates and its well defined separation of responsibilities you can create your own Custom Widget Library in few step, either starting from scratch or extending from and reusing existing libraries.